METTLER TOLEDO at Process Expo 2019
Trade Show Exhibition

Produced by FPSA, PROCESS EXPO is the nation’s largest trade show dedicated to bringing the latest technology and integrated solutions to all segments of the food and beverage industry.

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection invites you to visit us in booth #408 to see our latest advances in metal detection, x-ray inspection systems, and in motions checkweighers, with a broad suite of systems for all types of bulk and packaged product, METTLER TOLEDO is certain to have a solution for your application. Our equipment is backed by custom engineering and 24/7 customer service support.

We will demonstrate additional systems on FPSA's bakery production line and sausage production line.

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McCormick Place
October 8-11, 2019
2301 S King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
Booth #408
Tues, 10/8: 9am-5pm
Wed, 10/9: 9am-5pm
Thu, 10/10: 9am-5pm
Fri, 10/11: 9am-1pm

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METTLER TOLEDO Safeline will run live demonstrations of baked goods on the Profile Advantage metal detector. Products such as dough that are frozen, chilled, cooling or hot exhibit a product effect making contaminant detection difficult. The Profile Advantage uses multi-simultaneous frequency to readily detect metal, including the most difficult to detect stainless steel, even in the most challenging of applications without false rejects.

Process Expo
Profile Advantage Metal Detector

Process Expo
Gravity Flow Metal Detector

We will also demonstrate the latest enhancements to the Gravity Flow metal detector, designed to detect all types of metal in free falling flour, grains, and cereals.

Reduced Test Mode RT enables a significant reduction in the frequency of metal detector testing for ncreased productivity. Automatic Test System (ATS) automatically introduces three test pieces into the metal detector's aperture in a controlled manner via a pneumatic system – one ferrous, one non-ferrous and one stainless steel – at the touch of a button.

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Learn more about Safeline metal detection here

METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed delivers security, productivity, and profits with its comprehensive line of high precision checkweighers specifically designed for the packaging industry.

We will demonstrate the CM33 combination system, which is designed for endurance and maximum reliability in wet, dry and harsh environments. The highly customizable CM33 performs accurate checkweighing with integrated metal detection at very high production speeds. A wide selection of product handling variants ensure problem-free product flow. Due diligence solutions make it ideal as a CCP for the optimum quality.

See another checkweigher/metal detector combination system on the FPSA bakery line running pizza in booth 2477!

Learn more about Hi-Speed checkweighing here

Process Expo
CM33 PlusLine Checkweigher/Metal Detector Combination System

Process Expo
X36 X-ray Inspection System

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline will demonstrate the X36 x-ray inspection system with a retracting band rejection system. The system automatically rejects products with dense physical contaminants or missing or damaged product inside closed packages with virtually no false rejects. Highly configurable, the X36 offers the highest level of integrity checks across multiple product lanes at high throughput rates for complete brand protection and compliance.

We will also showcase the X38 x-ray inspection system, designed for inspection of pumped products. This system ensures liquids and slurries are free of foreign material. It offers automated product set-up coupled with intelligent software to improve production uptime, reduce manufacturing costs and enhance detection sensitivity. 

See another x-ray inspection system on the FPSA meat line running pepperoni in booth 3675!

Learn more about Safeline x-ray inspection here


A member of OMAC, METTLER TOLEDO will stress its commitment to connectivity and data storage and retrieval, demonstrating connectivity via Ethernet IP as well as METTLER TOLEDO's ProdX data collection system on a variety of product inspection machines. ProdX facilitates the collection and storage of production data across multiple lines and facilities. All data is easily accessible and exportable to other systems, facilitating compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

Learn more about ProdX Data Management Software

Process Expo
ProdX Data Collection Software
Process Expo
Product Inspection Solutions
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