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Healthcare Expo

Learn how our solutions can increase efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs and improve the competitiveness of your business.

METTLER TOLEDO provides in-line product inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with PCE Track & Trace, serialization and aggregation systems, Hi-Speed checkweighers, and Safeline metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems. Our broad product line can ensure traceability, perfect product presentation, verify package and label integrity, verify tamper-evident sealing, ensure weight range compliance, detect physical contaminants, and inspect contents inside the closed package.

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Las Vegas Convention Center
September 25 - September 27, 2017
3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Booth #N306
Mon, Sept 25- 9am - 4pm
Tue, Sept 26- 9am - 4pm
Wed, Sept 27- 9am - 4pm

Register on us! Use promo code '67N92' at the payment screen
and your fee will be waived.

Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas
XMV Datamatrix Station

METTLER TOLEDO PCE can help you ensure regulatory compliance for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). At Pharma Expo, PCE will demonstrate Site Manager and Line Manager software for serialization and aggregation data management, together with the XMV Datamatrix Station for carton serialization; the Shipping Case Station for carton, bottle, or bundle aggregation; to the Case and the Manual Aggregation Station for case to pallet aggregation and rework.

PCE will also display the Bottle Mosaic Station used to facilitate the aggregation of round bottles to bundles or directly  to the case using helper codes for greater packaging efficiencies. 2D helper codes are printed on the top of the cap or bottom of a bottle, inspected and recorded in PCE's Line Manager software, then correlated to the actual serialized 2D code on the bottle label. Topserts pre-printed with helper codes are also accommodated in the 360 Station. Further downstream, the aggregation process is simplified as the helper codes can be read from a group of bottles that are bundled together or packed together in a case.

Learn more about METTLER TOLEDO PCE products here

Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas
Starweigh Checkweigher

METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed will showcase the XS2 MV TE (Tamper Evident) checkweigher which incorporates printing, optical verification, and tamper evident labeling in a single, compact unit saving valuable floor space. The system provides Track and Trace capabilities to meet current and future legal regulations and ensures product safety and brand protection.

Also demonstrated include the Starweigh XS and C3570 checkweighers. The  Starweigh XS  is designed for high-speed weighing of pharmaceutical bottles. The system does not require any additional line space and integrates with an existing conveyor, saving time and overall investment costs. The  C3570 delivers outstanding precision and speed for products up to 10,000 grams in all types of packaging. Providing up to 33% higher performance, the modular C3570 is simple to integrate into production processes for maximum uptime.

Learn more about METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed products here

Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas
Tablex-PRO Metal Detector


METTLER TOLEDO Safeline will showcase three metal detectors, each designed for specific pharmaceutical products: a Tablex-PRO for tablets and capsules, a Pharma GF for free flowing powders, and a PowerPhasePRO conveyorized unit for packaged products. All systems deliver outstanding detection and automatic rejection of all types of metal, including the notoriously difficult-to-detect stainless steel.

Learn more about METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detection products here

Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas
X33 X-ray Inspection System


METTLER TOLEDO Safeline will demonstrate the X33 x-ray inspection system designed for inspection of small, packaged products such as blister packs. Systems identify and automatically reject any packages with dense physical contaminants or missing or broken product inside the closed package.


Learn more about METTLER TOLEDO Safeline x-ray inspection products here

See live demonstration of more equipment at the co-located Pack Expo in Booth #C1418!
Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas
Product Inspection Solutions
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