Walmart Sales Account Manager

Rob Rojas

(972) 635-3438

METTLER TOLEDO's UC Evo Line offers the ideal counter scale and self-service scale selections for Walmart. The compact design of the scales helps save space, and it is extremely fast, interactive and easy to operate.

Fresh Produce Department Self-Service Weighing Guide

METTLER TOLEDO illustrates process models for self-service weighing and shares recommendations to successfully integrate self-service in fresh departments.

Click here for more information on self-service weighing and download the Guide "Self-Service Weighing in Fresh Departments: Guidelines and Best Practices."

Optimizing the In-Store Experience at the Fresh Counter

METTLER TOLEDO illustrates process models for in-store digital marketing and shares recommendations to successfully integrate cross-promotion and in-store marketing at the deli counter.

Click here for more information on in-store marketing and cross-selling at the fresh counter and download the guide "Optimizing the In-Store Experience: Guidelines and Best Practices."

United States Food Safety Regulations White Paper

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a white paper that provides information about the current status of food safety in the United States. This document is intended to provide an overview of recall actions required, the roles and responsibilities, for members in the retail grocery industry.

Click here to download the white paper and access food safety on-demand webinars for grocery retailers. 

Sustainability touches all aspects of our business from designing and producing our products, to selling and delivering them to our customers, to handling them at the end of their lifecycle.

Sustainability helps guide us to make the right decisions for our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate our business. Most importantly, we believe a sustainable business is one that is positioned for long-term growth. "Sustainability" touches all aspects of our business.

Click here to learn more about METTLER TOLEDO's corporate sustainabiliy initiatives and achievements.


Retailers who invest in weighing, labeling, packaging and software solutions from METTLER TOLEDO benefit from unique service and support – guaranteeing maximum productivity and long-term operability of their equipment and applications.

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