NEW GC Series Metal Detection Systems Brochure

GC Series Metal Detection Systems

Adapatable conveyorized systems ensure future-proof compliance

GC Series Metal Detection Brochure
GC Series Metal Detection Brochure


METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's GC Series metal detection systems for conveyorized applications make it easier to inspect a wide range of food and non-food products at Critical Control Points (CCPs) to provide reliable quality assurance.

Start with a choice of metal detectors and configure these adaptable conveyorized systems based on production and compliance needs. The GC Series' modular design, with in-built safety features and enhanced hygiene elements, simplifies essential tasks and offers flexibility to meet your compliance and production needs now and in the future.

5 Reasons To Choose GC Series Metal Detection Systems

1. Reliable Precise Performance Starts With the Right Metal Detector 

  • With multiple options available, you can choose the Safeline metal detector for your GC Series metal detection system that suits your inspection needs and your budget.
  • Proven Safeline detector technology and robust build quality are used to deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity and stability to ensure that all types of metal contaminants are detected, with minimal false rejects.

2. Compliance is Assured With Optimal System Integration

  • A single-supplier solution ensures the best possible mechanical and electrical integration for optimal system performance and maximum uptime. 
  • The metal detector, transport system, reject device and a suite of integrated sensors work in harmony - metal contaminated products are efficiently detected, rejected and removed from the production process.

3. Increased Productivity is a Reality as Essential Tasks Are Simplified

  • GC Series metal detection systems are designed for rapid product set-up and easier cleaning
  • Multi-lingual HMI and technical documentation improves operator accuracy and simpifies maintenance processes
  • Minimal false rejects reduces investigative burden on Quality personnel
  • Optional variable speed control enhances flexibility for easier production line integration
  • Designed for safer and faster servicing to minimize production line downtime

4. Reduced Business Risk Through Safer System Design

  • Hazards have been designed-out, and safety built-in
  • Key safety features such as guarding and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) devices for electrical and pneumatic systems protect operators and support safer maintenance practice
  • In-field modifications are possible - no welding, drilling or cutting required

5.  Future-Proof Flexibility Reduces Cost of Ownership

  • Modular construction facilitates re-configuration - whether you need to reposition, replace or add key components - start with a stop-alarm system, and add an application-specific reject device, choice of reject bins, failsafe monitoring features and more to meet the strictest retailer requirements 
  • Backwards and forwards compatibility with Safeline's extensive range of metal detectors means you can upgrade your transport mechanism without needing to replace the entire system
  • Fewer wear parts and common system elements reduce your spare parts inventory requirements and minimize potential downtime risks