Good UV/VIS Practice™
GUVP – Good UV/VIS Practice improves measurement quality by minimizing risks through a five-step lifecycle program, including specific services and tools to:
  • Minimize risks
  • Improve quality
  • Protect your investment
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Educate your staff

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Trustworthy Spectroscopy Results
GUVP provides professional evaluation & selection tools, comprehensive installation & qualification services, and tailored training and maintenance programs to ensure correct operation. As each step is thoroughly documented, traceability and up-to-date regulatory compliance are guaranteed.

METTLER TOLEDO offers comprehensive support for all steps to ensure that you invest in the right area and minimize risks with targeted efforts.

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1 Evaluation

Need evaluation

The GUVP design qualification tool DQmate helps to define your current and future requirements regarding UV/VIS spectroscopy. This is based on a thorough analysis of measurement requirements, sample and workflow properties.
2 Selection

Select the right

Based on the thorough DQmate, our experienced consultants will help you to select the best suitable UV/VIS system including instrument, accessories and PC software.
3 Installation & Qualification
Professional setup
and well trained users

The GUVP EQPac is a fully-documented installation & qualification solution our UV/VIS instruments. It complies with strictest regulatory requirements and is therefore the tool of choice for regulated environments. For industries that do not require instrument qualification, the GUVP StarterPac provides an easy and quickly executed solution to document complete shipment and correct installation.

4 Training

Correct results
right from the start

Correctly-trained users make fewer errors and avoid expensive follow-up costs. Guided by our specialist, the GUVP EduPac training package explains efficient and safe operation through practical exercises. In addition, our application literature, technical publications and customer seminars will all help to ensure expertise in the lab.

5 Routine

High performance – regular service

In order to ensure measurement accuracy and reliability, we recommend preventive maintenance of your instrument. The CertiRef™ module provides an fully automated Pharmacopeia-compliant performance verification based on NIST-traceable, certified reference materials. And with our onsite Preventive Maintenance and Calibration Service your instruments are properly cared for.

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