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Quality Monitoring
of Flavours and Fragrances
Quality Control in flavours & fragrances laboratories comprises the determination of several values, to control quality, verify identity and achieve specifications: Density, refractive index and pH, of raw material, intermediate and finished products are important parameters that need to be accurately determined. Often, the color of the samples also needs to be measured.

Each of these parameters has to be determined on separate instruments. This often is cumbersome because different instruments are operated differently . Additional training and study of manuals might be required. Finally, the measurement results have to be entered manually into the ERP system.

Thus, you end up losing valuable time.

METTLER TOLEDO and KONICA MINOLTA have joined forces in order to offer offer a dedicated automatic multi-parameter analysis system for the Flavours & Fragrances industry.

  • Density / Specific Gravity
  • Refractive index
  • pH
  • Conductivity

  • Color
This multi-parameter system automates your processes and determines all parameters in a single procedure. The sample changer reads the barcode of the vials and runs the corresponding analysis, followed by effective cleaning cycles. Once analysis is complete, sample recovery allows the sample to be retained in the vial as a reference sample.

The dedicated solution for fully automatic analysis of all parameters helps increase efficiency and ensures high data quality. Operator-independent measurements ensure maximum reproducibility and save labor costs.
Save up to 70% labor time
All four measurements are taken fully automatically by pressing just one button or scenning the barcode. Rather than spending a lot of time performing measurements and then cleaning each individual instrument, operators can schedule their valuable time for more demanding tasks.
Increase throughput by 50%
All parameters are determined simultaneously in all instruments, rather than each individual analysis being performed in sequence one after the other. The SC30 sample changer can be loaded with up to 30 samples. A built-in barcode reader identifies each sample and starts the corresponding analysis automatically.

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