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  • Safe by Design

METTLER TOLEDO offers different solutions to reduce the risk of contaminations with floor scales. Download our white paper and service checklist to further improve your production process.

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White Paper

Service Checklist


Ergonomically Designed Floor Scales
for Reduced Risk of Injuries

This white paper helps to:

  • Reduce risk of employee injuries with hazard prevention
  • Increase user safety with advanced safety features


Specifying Service
For optimized weighing processes

This practical checklist provides guidance to optimize your floor scale service. It helps to

  • Assure your Floor scale performs according to your process tolerances
  • Safe costs by optimal balancing internal and external service efforts

METLER TOLEDO’s food floor scale configurator helps to select your scale according to

  • Your environment
  • Your cleaning procedure
  • Your weighing range

Configure your scale now