Chemical Process Development & Scale-up
Chemical Process Development & Scale-Up

Chemical Process Development & Scale-Up

Creating Safe, Efficient Processes from Lab to Plant

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Risks From Rising Temperature
In chemical process scale-up, understanding temperature change and the associated heat that is accumulated by the reaction are critical to process saf...
Effective Design of Experiment Studies
This paper describes the Design of Experiments (DoE) approach and how it is used to identify the relationship between parameters, defining optimal set...
Dosing in Chemical Development
Grünenthal Process R&D safely automates dosing and runs highly exothermic reactions unattended to increase productivity without additional staff.
Techniques to Synthesize Breakthrough Molecules
Advances in organic chemistry allow researchers to expand R&D of molecules and optimize process conditions. A new white paper presents 4 case studies...
Guide to Reaction Calorimetry
Reaction Calorimetry provides an understanding of a chemical process and is a source of safety and scale-up information. Reaction calorimeters determi...


ReactIR Citation List
Continuous measurements from infrared spectroscopy are widely used for obtaining reaction profiles, which are used to calculate reaction rates. This...

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