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Use 85% Less Force in Your Pipetting with LTS

Pipetting is a repetitive and forceful activity; minor stresses caused by strain can develop into injuries. To make pipetting lighter and to make sure operators stay healthy, Rainin invented the LiteTouch System that has proven its value over the last 15 years.

By virtually eliminating friction, the Rainin LiteTouch System dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips. A thin sealing ring near the top of the tip slides easily over the shaft, creating a firm, air-tight fit with minimal force. LTS pipettes also have cylindrical ends (not cone-shaped) and a positive stop inside the tip to guide the shaft to the correct insertion depth.

85% less force

Ejection force in typical pipette tip/shaft designs averages 4 kg – but can be as high as 10 kg. Tip ejection with LTS is just 0.6 kg.

Less friction

Typical pipettes have cone-shaped shafts that rely on friction to hold tips firmly. In fact, because the tip literally stretches to fit around the shaft, users typically rock or bang the shaft into the tip to achieve a reliable seal. The problem: However much force you use to insert the tips, at least as much force is required to eject them – most of which comes from your thumb.

Less latigue

With light springs and as little as 0.6 newtons of force required for tip ejection, LTS-equipped pipettes reduce fatigue and allow you to concentrate on your work and pipetting technique.

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