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WMS Weigh Modules

Ultra high-precision weighing can help with the intricate process of safely manufacturing individualized medicinal products that have a toxic component. Loccioni humancare announces APOTECAchemo, the first automation and information system for chemotherapeutic drug compounding in oncology treatment. Every therapy produced is identified and checked with the help of high-precision WMS6002C weigh modules. This ensures a fully compliant dispensing process that meets the higest pharmaceutical standards.

Ultra high-precision automated weighing

The preparation of anti-cancer drugs in hospitals involves the development of individually tailored chemotherapy treatments. Doses factor in individual characteristics, including the patient's drug tolerances, and are prepared in containers of various shapes. The critical factor is the high toxicity of the drugs; a dosage error could be lethal to the patient. The handling of these substances is also high risk for hospital operators.

To overcome these safety and efficacy issues, Loccioni humancare developed APOTECAchemo, a robotic system for:

  • weighing drugs and solutions,
  • reconstituting powdered drugs,
  • dosing compounds using a mechanical arm and dedicated actuators,
  • preparing syringes, bags and infusion devices, and
  • disposing of used materials automatically.

Exact dosages are assured by the automatic recognition of all products handled via a barcode-based system of labelling offering full traceability. Additionally, the control checks on all the weight measurements using the high-precision WMS6002C weigh module. By measuring the dispensed substance and residual substance (such as that left inside initial vials), dosage errors are eliminated.


Efficient and extremely accurate preparation

The main feature of the WMS6002C high-precision weigh module is its ability to make very accurate measurements in a fraction of a second. Complex digital filtration algorithms ensure reliable weight measurements even in environments with vibrations. Preparation times are further optimized by rapid digital data computation and direct data transfer via RS232 or RS422, allowing transfer of the measured quality results directly to a PLC. The maintenance of the weighing sensor can be carried out in its installed place, and it can easily be calibrated using the internal calibration device or external weights.

Loccioni humancare

In the company's own characterization, Loccioni humancare develops a unified framework of methods, measurements and innovations deriving from decades of experience in a global industry to address the primary issues of our time: health, nutrition and wellbeing. Every treatment mediated by a human dimension can be improved through instruments that make it measureable.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased and proud that its WMS weigh modules are part of providing that measurable dimension in chemotherapy compounding and helping Loccioni humancare carry out its vision of a healthier, more sustainable future.

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