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3 Easy Steps to Enhance the Quality of Your Weighing Process

Build quality into your weighing from the start

It is a well-known fact that weighing contributes to final product quality. Therefore, building quality into a weighing process:

  • Ensures accurate measurements over time
  • Prevents operating mistakes
  • Provides consistent quality
  • Meets customer specifications
  • Increases process safety
  • Reduces raw material consumption and waste.

Quality by Design in 3 Steps

Quality improvement is a 3-step process. Step 1 is Quality Planning. This critical step cannot be overlooked, and it involves developing products and processes required to meet customer needs. Step 2 is ongoing Quality Control. This involves evaluating actual performance and correcting inevitable deviations from the quality goal. Step 3 is Quality Improvement. This step consists of continuing to raise quality to unprecedented levels. This step may involve initiatives such as employing high-level systems, statistical quality control, and equipment and personnel optimization.

Considerations for scale selection

Considerations include:

  • Selecting a scale with the right accuracy for defined process tolerances
  • Weighing in the safe weighing range
  • Ensuring measurement accuracy over time
  • Preventing operators errors and
  • Monitoring and controlling weighing processes.

3 Easy Steps to Enhance the Quality of Your Weighing Process

A scientific methodology: GWP®

METTLER TOLEDO has developed the global Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®) standard as a unique approach that provides a scientific methodology for selecting and testing weighing instruments in an integrated qualification approach. It is a global standard that can be applied to new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry and workplace. It assists with the selection, calibration and operation of weighing equipment to ensure consistent process quality, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Documented evidence of reproducible weighing

GWP® provides the documented evidence for reproducible weighing results in harmony with all current quality standards in laboratory and manufacturing. Users who focus on stable processes, constant product quality, lean manufacturing or regulatory compliance can use GWP® as the benchmark to select and calibrate their weighing equipment.

To learn how GWP® can help you enhance the quality in your weighing to enhance the quality in all your manufacturing processes, download the white paper “Quality by Design—Building Quality into your Weighing Processes” today.

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