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METTLER TOLEDO Heavy-duty weighing Solutions

We have built up our expertise in weighing over many years. Systematically, uncompromisingly, and precisely. One result is solutions bearing a name that enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence: METTLER TOLEDO.
Have a look at our range of Weighbridges & Truck Scales, Rail Scales, Weighing Terminals, Weigh Modules and Load Cells:
Truck Scales for heavy-duty weighingWe offer a complete line of vehicle scale products, accessories, and services. Truck scales  are available with steel deck and concrete deck weighbridges designed for applications that range from light commercial to extreme heavy duty.

Weighing Terminals

METTLER TOLEDO manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial scale terminals to meet the weighing needs of almost any industry and any application. 
Rail Scales for heavy-duty weighing
A rail scale uses a weighbridge to turn a section of railroad track into a weighing system. Our line of rail scales includes several options for weighing rail cars. We offer scales for static weighing and for weighing rail cars that are coupled together and in motion.
Weigh Modules and Load Cells

METTLER TOLEDO offers a full range of analog and digital load cells for use in everything from simple scale applications to high-speed, in-motion weighing. Whether you are looking for a replacement load cell or designing a complete weigh module system, our technical support specialists can help you select the right product for your weighing application. 
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