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Thermal Analysis e-Training from the Technology Leader

The Future of Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis is a well-established technique used in nearly all industries. It allows you to measure thermal events and material properties over a wide temperature range, from –150 °C to +1600 °C.


  • Innovative Technology
  • Versatile Modularity
  • Swiss Quality

We are pleased to offer Web-based Thermal Analysis training (e-Training). An e-Training course consists of an e-Learning course and a live Web-based seminar (webinar). Once you have registered for the e-Training course, you will be asked to pay the course fee of 100 USD by credit card. Afterwards, you will receive the information on how to access the e-Learning course, which you can work on whenever you like, and how to participate in the seminar. You will need a telephone and an Internet connection.
After the presentation by the expert, you will have the opportunity to discuss any points of interest with him or with other participants:



We currently offer the following e-Training courses: 

TMA Curve InterpretationLearn how to set up TMA experiments and evaluate and interpret TMA curvesSep. 23, 2020Registration /
DMA Curve Interpretation Learn how to select the right deformation mode and interpret DMA curvesNov. 18, 2020Registration /


To get an impression of the e-Training content, please watch the corresponding trailer:

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