Cycle Chemistry - METTLER TOLEDO

Cycle Chemistry Monitoring

 The life-blood of the power plant requires careful surveillance to guard against corrosive and depositing conditions. Thornton expertise for these measurements includes intuitive multi-parameter transmitters and sensors, ease of calibration and low-volume sensor housings that prevent accumulation of corrosion products.


Specific and cation conductivity

  • Optimized with Thornton certified factory sensor calibration
  • Accurate temperature compensation

pH measurement

  • Stable Thornton pHure Sensor™ in one compact probe
  • Measuring and reference elements plus temperature compensator

ORP (oxidation-reduction or redox potential)

  • Monitors reducing conditions with hydrazine or reducing amines
  • Thornton offers a combined pH/ORP electrode for cost efficiency

Dissolved oxygen measurement

  • Thornton sensor uses robust, steam-sterilizable design
  • Drop-in membrane cartridge for simple maintenance

TOC (total organic carbon)

  • Continuously measured by Thornton sensor in condensate return
  • Sensitive detection of organic contaminants

Sodium monitoring

  • Early warning of trace contamination
  • Auto-cal, reagent delivery confirmation by pH for lower maintenance

Silica measurement

  • Helps prevent silica deposits on turbine blades
  • Fully automatic calibration for operator time and cost savings

Degassed Cation Conductivity measurement

  • Power cycle chemistry monitoring to minimize corrosion
  • Trace level detection for better process control

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