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Make an Old Scale Like New with One Easy Upgrade

A vehicle scale is a precision instrument. Individual components can wear over time due to environmental stress and heavy loads, leading to poor performance. Solve these problems and give an aging scale new life by upgrading it with new load cells.

Load cells are integrated into the structure of a truck scale or rail scale. They are the sensors that work together to measure the weight on the scale. Over time, many load cells experience fatigue from duty cycles. Environmental conditions can also affect load cells through temperature fluctuations, moisture, and physical wear and tear. These factors can lead to increasing scale failures and hidden losses in scale accuracy.

Make an Old Scale Like New with One Easy Upgrade
Make an Old Scale Like New with One Easy Upgrade

Many operations are unaware of these problems, or they simply accept them as something they must live with. They may believe the only solution is the difficult and expensive task of replacing the entire scale. However, METTLER TOLEDO offers easy upgrades specifically designed to make an aging scale perform like new.

More and more companies are upgrading to POWERCELL® PDX® load cells, which offer unique, advanced features. The advantages of these load cells include dramatically increased reliability and accuracy of the entire scale. The simplified cell-to-cell network utilized by these load cells eliminates junction boxes and manual connections, which is the leading cause of conventional scale failure. This makes the network much less susceptible to problems.

POWERCELL PDX systems also use digital compensation algorithms to correct each of the main causes of scale inaccuracy. This provides dramatic improvements in weighing accuracy, translating to real cost savings every day.

METTLER TOLEDO has made vehicle scale upgrades easier than ever. This premier technology is a cost-effective option for companies of all sizes. A representative can assess your scale and recommend an upgrade procedure. Thanks to specially designed adaptive hardware, many upgrades can be completed in just one day. 

Contact us for a site evaluation to see how METTLER TOLEDO can improve your weighing equipment, providing your business with a fast return on your investment.

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