High-precision Lifesavers - METTLER TOLEDO

High-precision Lifesavers

Lives are saved in operating rooms. But mistakes can also be made that put the patient's life at risk. During the 28 million surgical procedures done in the United States each year, a total of 1,500 sponges or instruments are left inside patients. As rarely as this happens, the more life-threatening are those consequences that affect the patient. The two Dutch University clinics, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and Maastricht, implement prevention and for their patients' safety, rely on METTLER TOLEDO XS precision balances.

METTLER TOLEDO solution is quick and easy. The XS16001L/M weighs surgical The instruments before each procedure. The entire set of instruments is provided with a code that is recorded by software built into the balance. This makes it possible to access complete data on every surgical procedure. After the procedure, the instruments are weighed again. The balance immediately registers whether or not an instrument is missing. If the initial weight is verified, the OR team can directly conclude the operation.

Until now, every single surgical instrument had to be counted by hand. Only when this was completed could the procedure be finalized. This takes valuable time because the OR is tied up for the next procedure.

Now surgical instruments can be re-counted outside of the OR and data re-processed. Every surgical instrument is provided with an identification number, making it possible to access every patient's surgical history. If a patient who was operated on using a particular instrument has to be located, this can be determined by the software built into the XS1600/M.

Every surgical procedure must comply with the highest hygienic standards. The balance is sterilized following every procedure in order to keep not only the surgical instruments but also the balance in sanitary condition. The pan can also be removed and replaced with a sterilized replacement pan. In addition to its easy operation and high degree of safety for the patient, hospitals are able to keep administrative overheads low. These arguments have not only convinced the two Dutch University clinics, but have since also attracted other hospitals' interests in these life-saving precision balances from METTLER TOLEDO.

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