Press Release| Product Inspection Testing Program

Press Release: Testing Program Expanded for Metal and Glass Packaging

METTLER TOLEDO expands its free 'Test Before You Invest' testing program for food manufacturers


We have added two new Product Inspection lines in our European Test Centre in Barcelona, Spain to address the growth in the use of metal and glass packaging materials in the food industry. The Test Centre provides free product evaluation and assessment services to food manufacturers to ensure they are using the right inspection technology for their specific production lines. The expansion of the program aligns with packaging industry trends pointing to the growth of glass packaging in Europe, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.53% from 2020 to 2025. Growth is also projected in the metal can market which is forecast to increase at a CAGR of 2.6% during the same period. Sustainability, recyclability, and ease of transportation are just a few of the factors contributing to the growth of metal and glass packaging.

To replicate the inspection of products packaged in glass and metal for physical contaminants and packaging defects, the latest x-ray inspection technologies added to the Barcelona test center include the X3730 and X3750 systems. The X3730 completes contaminant detection and additional quality assurance checks of cans and glass containers. Whilst the X3750 x-ray machine is best for the complete inspection of glass containers at high line speeds of up to 1200 packs per minute.

“We hope that our remote inspection capabilities with the addition to the two new inspection lines will enable even more manufacturers using glass and metal packaging across Europe to improve their food safety and inspections standards,” said Christine Gottschalk, Head of PI Test and Demo Center, METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection.

Our future roadmap for the growth of the Test Centre includes adding even more inspection lines in the coming year, including Vision Inspection for label verification and Product Data Check technology for inspection of product data. This will enable the Barcelona center to showcase the whole family of METTLER TOLEDO inspection products. Other METTLER TOLEDO Test Centers are located in the US, Malaysia, and China.

Free Product Evaluation and Assessment Service

Manufacturers using the service receive an individual evaluation of their own products detailing attainable inspection accuracy, performance, and contaminant detection sensitivity. The product testing process can be attended in person if required, but the test centers are also able to provide remote testing for countries where COVID-19 restrictions are in place. For remote testing, manufacturers can send their food samples to the test centers for evaluation. Our inspection experts then assess the requirements and provide a full test report within five days of the arrival of the product samples. In compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, manufacturers can join the testing process remotely via a video link from anywhere in the world if needed, to provide feedback and ensure all specific production line requirements are met. 

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