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Quick Ship Program for Fast Delivery of X-ray Inspection

Fast Delivery of X-ray Inspection Equipment Speeds up GFSI Compliance

Food manufacturers can now be ready to meet the requirements of the leading GFSI food safety standards quicker than-ever-before. This due to the Mettler-Toledo Quick Ship Program which significantly reduces delivery times of x-ray inspection equipment. The Quick Ship Program means that x-ray inspection equipment, notably the highly popular X33 and X34 systems, are now dispatched within 24-hours from receipt of order.

Faster delivery and easy integration of these systems enable manufacturers to meet the compliance requirements of food safety regulations and ship product quickly and efficiently to retailer shelves.

Specifications for Quick Ship Systems

Mettler-Toledo has developed the Quick Ship Program to include all standard configurations of the X33 and X34 x-ray systems for the inspection of small and medium-sized packaged products.

Standard configurations are defined as follows: -

Quick Ship Program for Fast Delivery of X-ray Inspection
Quick Ship Program for Fast Delivery of X-ray Inspection

Please contact your local representative regarding lead times for non-standard configurations.

Spare Parts Give Additional Confidence

X-ray spare parts can also be fast tracked to manufacturers requiring back-up components to be on-site. This can further help reduce the business risks associated with downtime and provide additional confidence for manufacturers that contingency plans for maximum uptime have been carried out. 

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