Lahki upravljalniki Pipet-X - Pregled - METTLER TOLEDO
Lahki upravljalniki Pipet-X

Lahki upravljalniki Pipet-X

Izredna prilagodljivost za različne možnosti prenašanja in merjenja tekočin

Proizvodi in specifikacije

Proizvodi in specifikacije
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Volume Range
Order No.
PX-100, Europe

Pipet-X Pipet Controller

Description Pipet-X pipet Controller
Volume Range 0.1ml - 100ml
Order No. 17011743
DescriptionPipet-X pipet Controller
Volume Range0.1ml - 100ml
Order No.17011743
Membrane 0.2µm Sterl. PX-020
Membrane 0.2µm Sterl. PX-020
Description Pipet-X Spare Membrane Filter: 0.2 μm, sterile
Volume Range N/A
Order No. 17011745
Št. Izdelka: 17011745
DescriptionPipet-X Spare Membrane Filter: 0.2 μm, sterile
Volume RangeN/A
Order No.17011745


Operating Instructions

Disp-X Bottle-Top Dispenser Operating Instructions
Download the operating instruction manual of the Disp-X Bottle-Top dispenser for large volume liquid handling from Rainin.


Rainin Catalog
Download your free copy of our product catalog today or have a look at our products online in our ebook! This catalog not only contains detailed infor...


Pipet-X DS
Datasheet (pdf): Ergonomic Lightweight Pipet Controller
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