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Weight handling

How to properly handle weights?

In order to ensure accuracy of weights you should always properly store them in original packagin...

How to properly handle weights?

In order to ensure accuracy of weights you should always properly store them in original packaging and near the balance, handle them with care and clean properly, according to OIML/ASTM recommendations. Furthermore, you should never touch weights with bare hands, but use special tweezers or handles. All weights should be periodically calibrated and a special certificate should be issued. Read our free guide on "12 Practical Tips for Correct Weight Handling"

How to clean weights according to OIML/ASTM?

Under ideal circumstances, precision or mass calibration weights should never need cleaning. However, in practice this is not always the case. Whether you can clean a weight yourself or not depends on the weight’s size and process criticality. In general, remove dust with a specially designed brush, soft microfiber cloth, or rubber bellows.


Proizvodi in specifikacije

Proizvodi in specifikacije
Počisti vse
Razred OIML
Električno območje
Zunanje umerjanje
Čas merjenja
Št. Izdelka: 11116880
Razdelek0,1 µg; 1 µg
Razred OIMLE1; E2; F1; F2; M1; M2; M3
Električno območje6.1 g, 6.1 g or 0.8/3 g
Zunanje umerjanje5 g; 2 g
Čas merjenja15 s



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