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X-ray Inspection of Burger Patties Ensures Consumer Safety


The X39 X-ray System – Ensuring Products Are Contaminant and Defect Free

X-ray Inspection of Burger Patties
X-ray Inspection of Burger Patties

The infographic reveals how a dual-reject system, across multiple lanes will reject non-conforming patties ready for re-work.

The X39 Series has been specifically designed for x-ray inspection of burger patties and other frozen-formed products such as pizzas, fish fingers and chicken nuggets.

Save Costs
This infographic shows how installing the X39 Series x-ray inspection system at a critical control point (CCP) on the production line ensures any contaminated and/or defective products are quickly and effectively rejected.  Removing product from the production process at early stages ensure no further value is added, minimising product waste, saving costs and improving overall productivity.

Maintain High Product Quality
Offering unsurpassed detection of contaminants within burger patties, the infographic illustrates how the X39 is simultaneously capable of performing additional quality control checks. The X39 can inspect for mass, length, width and height measurement, as well as product defects including flakes, holes and dents.

Minimize Product Waste
While conforming patties will be packaged and shipped ready for consumption, the graphic reveals how a multi-nozzle air blast reject system or a failsafe reject flap across multiple lanes will reject non-conforming patties ready for re-work.

Check out the infographic yourself to discover how the re-work process involves substandard patties being ground back down and then re-inspected using a bulk x-ray system. You'll see that while contaminated product is rejected and completely removed from the production process, all other product will go back into the production process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
The infographic unveils how the re-work process entails ground meat being pumped into the former and pressed into burger patties, before being frozen and subsequently re-inspected by the X39 x-ray system. This helps manufacturers to guarantee customer satisfaction and brand protection by ensuring final products are safe and of the highest quality possible.

Infographic - X39 Series Inspection of Burger Patties

Top 5 FAQs About X-ray Inspection of Burger Patties

Below are five frequently-asked questions by our customers about x-ray inspection of frozen burger patties:

  1. How many production lanes can be inspected at any single time and what's required from me to ensure the inspection process is reliable?
  2. What happens to the rejected products and how are they sorted?
  3. Can x-ray inspection equipment support my internal quality needs e.g. by providing reports, overall equipment effectiveness data, etc?
  4. Is it possible for the system to withstand regular high-pressure washdowns which are typical for this segment and how easy is it to gain access to all areas that require cleaning?
  5. What makes the X39 x-ray inspection solution unique?

For answers to all these questions, click here

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