A Revolution in Process Analytics - METTLER TOLEDO

A Revolution in Process Analytics

Head-mount temperature transmitters have been a common sight in process industry plants for decades. Calibration of analytical sensors requires a transmitter with keys and a display, which has prevented the head-mount concept being used for such sensors – until now!

The world's first head-mount transmitter for analytical sensors
The average production facility contains hundreds of field in­struments, of which most are of the “fit and forget” type. They go unnoticed due to their inconspicuous design and absence of local human-machine interface.

Analytical sensors, on the other hand, have not followed this trend and continue to require a transmitter large enough to include keys and a display due to their frequent need for calibration. METTLER TOLEDO has defied this convention. With the new M100, METTLER TOLEDO offers the world’s first transmitter for analytical measurement based on a compact, head-mount design.

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Intelligence is the key
Thanks to METTLER TOLEDO’s powerful Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology, the combined head-mount transmitter / sensor concept has been ap­plied to analytical parameters. This new approach enables METTLER TOLEDO to provide a solution for pH / ORP, conductiv­ity, and oxygen measurement, which has a very small footprint and is extremely easy to handle.

Plug and Measure means no local interface is required
This leap forward in field instrumentation is possible because ISM enables sensors to be calibrated away from the process in a convenient location such as a workshop. Calibrated sensors can then be swapped quickly in the field. This feature, called Plug and Measure, means measurement point start-up is fast and error-free, and can be accomplished without complicated routines. Because of Plug and Measure, the M100 does not require a local operator interface.

Intrinsically safe
The new, 2-wire transmitter series is de­signed for use throughout the process in­dustries and is certified intrinsically safe for installation in hazardous areas.

Online sensor diagnostics
The M100 can be easily configured over the HART® protocol. In addition, HART allows integration of ISM’s advanced sen­sor diagnostics, such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and Adaptive Calibra­tion Timer, providing real-time data on sensor “health”. These tools allow predic­tive maintenance, helping to ensure maximum plant uptime, measurement point reliability, and process efficiency and safety.

The support of all major asset management software such as AMS (Em­erson), PDM (Siemens), and the open standard FDT/DTM ensures the widest compatibility, and remote access to sensor diagnostics.

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