Service contracts - METTLER TOLEDO

Service contracts

In combination with the different service plans, the cover sheet provides an introduction to the new agreement document.

1. Customer and Contract ID

For a rapid overview, you will find your customer number and agreement number in the header line of the document.

2. Ship-To

Starting in 2019, this will also include the delivery or service address, shown centrally on the cover sheet.

3. Payer

Details of the invoice recipient on the customer side are shown.

4. Contact

To ensure that we can respond to your concerns rapidly and effectively, any requests are handled centrally via telephone number +65 6890 0011.

5. Service plan 100

The service plan overview lists all service plans with their associated service products. Each of the service plans specifies the schedules and units applicable to the listed service products.

For example, Service Plan 100 includes the Comprehensive Care service package in respect of the calibration certificates and any annexes related to the instruments. The Comprehensive Care service package is one of the two basic packages and consists of on-site maintenance and a repair service including spare parts. (For more detailed contents, please see the “Global Service Excellence” brochure, page 10.) For this service package, there is also the option of adding our 24/7 service option. As well as constant availability, this also enables quicker response times and more flexible on-site interventions.

6. Service plan 200

Service Plan 200, for example, includes the Basic Care service package and associated calibration certificates. The service package consists of on-site maintenance and discounted hourly rates for any repairs.

As well as the customer and agreement number, the new structure of the document also includes the invoice recipient in the header line (Any Company Ltd, Any Street 1, 1111 Any Town). From now on, your request will be received centrally via telephone number +65 6890 0011 and passed on the appropriate team. The delivery and service address is now shown on the cover sheet. The focus is on the service plans together with the relevant service products (Comprehensive Care, Basic Care, Types of calibration certificate, etc.). The agreed dates, equipment lists and conditions are listed in the following sections.