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Pipet-Lite Multi Pipette L8-200XLS+

Ergonomic Performance Champion. Pipet-Lite™ XLS+ manual 8-channel pipette, 20-200 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent sample pickup. Accurate,precise, ergonomic, volume lock, rugged, durable (L8-200XLS+)

Fatigue-free pipetting and total control

Effortless pipetting due to light weight, light plunger forces and lowest tip ejection forces. New seals create smooth and responsive plunger for total control.

Maximum performance across all channels

LTS tips and new push-rod design provide unparalleled accuracy and precision across all channels for absolutely consistent pickup and dispensing.

Enhanced asset management

On-board RFID provides ease of service and calibration tracking. Asset management and maintenance schedules for your pipetting inventory.

Accelerate Your Workflow

With liquid ends made of durable, lightweight materials new mechanical designs, the XLS+ offer unique advantages over other multichannels.

  • Reduced weight (up to 35% less than previous models), lighter pipetting forces and reduced peak tip ejection forces make the XLS+ easy to use, even for the most strenuous tasks.
  • The sealing system minimizes “piston stickiness,” providing greater control, particularly with applications that require slow, careful pipetting.
  • Sophisticated mechanical designs ensure high performance, and superior channel-to-channel consistency.
Specifications - Pipet-Lite Multi Pipette L8-200XLS+
Volume Range 20 µL – 200 µL
Increment (manual) 0.2 µL
Accuracy ± 20 µL : 2.5 % / 0.5 µL ; 100 µL : 0.8 % / 0.8 µL ; 200 µL : 0.8 % / 1.6 µL
Precision ± 20 µL : 1.2 % / 0.24 µL ; 100 µL : 0.25 % / 0.25 µL ; 200 µL : 0.3 % / 0.6 µL
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Channels 8
Material Number(s) 17013805


Pipette Asset Management

Pipetting Accessories

Three self-adhesive disks for mounting on non-metallic surfaces.
Built-in magnets for fast mounting on metal surfaces.
Rainin Carousel Stand


Terra Rack

TerraRack Base - short
TerraRack Base - tall
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Pipet-Lite Multi Pipette L8-200XLS+


Bagged Pipette Tips

Green Pak Refills

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips RC LTS 250µL L 1000A/1
1000 Low retention LTS tips in bags

Pipette Tip Racks Removable Cover Racks

SpaceSaver Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips GPS LTS 250µL 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS LTS 250µL L 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS LTS 250µL S 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS LTS 250µL LS 960A/10


960 LTS tips in 5 racks
960 LTS tips in 5 racks, presterilized
960 LTS tips in 5 racks, presterilized, filter


960 LTS tips in 5 layers
960 LTS tips in 5 layers, presterilized

Terra Rack

960 LTS tips in 10 racks
960 LTS tips in 10 racks
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