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Dynamic Parcel Weighing

Dynamic Parcel Weighing

Seamless integration into any parcel sorter or conveyor line

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Easy integration into any sorting system
High performance in tough environments
Any speed, any throughput
Fast data communication

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Material No.: 24012301
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Material No.: 24012101
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Material No.: 24012702
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Speed0 m/min – 120 m/min ; 0 ft/min – 394 ft/min
Material No.: 30621560
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AccuracyFrom ±50g
Speed0 m/min – 60 m/min
Material No.: 30458160
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AccuracyFrom ±10g
Speed0 m/min – 120 m/min


Expand your advanced piece-counting, checkweighing, totalizing and filling knowledge


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Dimensioning, Weighing & Scanning Buyer's Guide
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