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Dynamic Parcel Weighing

Dynamic Parcel Weighing

Seamless integration into any parcel sorter or conveyor line

Dynamic Parcel Weighing

Dynamic parcel scales stand up to pressure to deliver quickly and accurately. With a wide variety of options to meet the needs of any industrial or...

Dynamic parcel scales stand up to pressure to deliver quickly and accurately. With a wide variety of options to meet the needs of any industrial or pharmaceutical environment, our dynamic parcel scales fulfill even the most demanding and intensive system integrator requirements.

What are dynamic parcel weighing scales used for?
An essential addition to any parcel sorter or conveyor line, METTLER TOLEDO’s dynamic parcel weighing scales can be delivered for weighing only or as part of a dimensioning, weighing and scanning solution. Simply select the material, height, width, length and location of the weighing scale indicator to create a seamlessly integrated solution. Because high-speed sorting environments easily can cause errors, dynamic parcel weighing scales rely on advanced filter technology that minimizes these errors caused by vibrations. Our scales are perfect for environments that need flexibility, and can improve throughput by up to 30 percent. A dual-scale is used to reach top throughputs with a minimal system footprint.

Communicating data has never been easier, with a real-time controller managing your dynamic parcel weighing scale while ensuring high-speed data communication with the sorter. The data drop-off point then can be configured based on individual sorting requirements, providing a custom experience for each process.

What are the benefits of forklift scales?
Within the same family, forklift scales provide a more custom take on dynamic parcel weighing. Allowing industries to weigh on the move, forklift scales speed up pallet weighing processes by weighing as you drive. Improving productivity and revenue recovery, these scales are designed for tough industrial environments as well and set the standard for reliability, safety and accuracy in heavy-use applications. METTLER TOLEDO’s forklift scales are approved with local and International Weights and Measures, guarantee weighing quality in even the most complex and harsh environments.

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High performance in tough environments
Any speed, any throughput
Fast data communication

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Material No.: 24012301
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Material No.: 24012101
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Material No.: 24012702
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Speed0 m/min – 120 m/min ; 0 ft/min – 394 ft/min
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Material No.: 30621560
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AccuracyFrom ±50g
Speed0 m/min – 60 m/min
Material No.: 30458160
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AccuracyFrom ±10g
Speed0 m/min – 120 m/min


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