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Reducing the costs of production line stoppages

Reducing the costs of production line stoppages The efficiency of your processing or packaging line is dependent on every piece of equipment perfo...

Reducing the costs of production line stoppages
The efficiency of your processing or packaging line is dependent on every piece of equipment performing reliably and consistently. When you purchased your METTLER TOLEDO product inspection equipment you bought one of the most reliable checkweighers, metal detection, x-ray or vision inspection systems in the world. However, as we all know, break-downs do occur occasionally and can result in high costs due to complete line stoppages.

METTLER TOLEDO is dedicated to improving your processes and business performance. We've used our expertise as one of the world's leading manufacturers of product inspection solutions to create spare parts kits that can make your life easier.

Genuine spare part kits are available for the following product inspection technologies:

  • Checkweighing
  • Metal Detection
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Vision Inspection
  • Track & Trace


Choose the right Spare Parts Kit
A small investment in a METTLER TOLEDO spare parts kit can buy you peace of mind that your line is never stopped due to failure of your product inspection equipment. You can choose between four different spare parts packages:


Spare Parts Kit "Basic":
This kit provides you with reliable protection right from the start. It is a solid back-up for your inspection equipment and ensures you have all basic wear parts in stock. 


Spare Parts Kit "Uptime":
This kit is the best choice to keep your production line running. Your equipment's effectiveness will be guaranteed and highest uptime ensured.


Spare Parts Kit "Electronics"
With this spares pack you have all electronic components always at hand. It will protect the heart of your product inspection system.


Spare Parts Kit "Complete"
With this kit you have all spare parts available – whenever needed.

An all-around package for your inspection equipment which gives you total peace of mind.


At a Glance: Your Benefits of having genuine spare parts on hand 

  • React immediately and handle smaller repairs yourself by having all spare parts at hand
  • Increase your uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduce production losses and costs
  • Protect your equipment warranty by using high-quality genuine spare parts
  • Profit from price advantages of spare part kits compared to ordering individual parts

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