X38| X-ray Inspection for Pumped Products, Semi-Solids & Fluids


Safety for Pumped Products The X38 x-ray system can inspect pumped products such as slurries, semi-solids and fluids, ensuring food safety before final packaging and further value is added to the product.

Wide Range of Food Applications
This food x-ray system covers a wide range of pipeline applications including jam, yoghurt, fruit purees, minced meat, chicken pieces and more.

Hygienically Designed
Class-leading hygienic design following GMP, NFS and EHEDG principles with IP69 as standard and highly featured CIP (clean in place) features.

High Throughputs
Inspection at a rate of up to 14 tonnes of pumped product per hour. Automatic calibration can be performed in less than 20 seconds, maximising uptime.

X38 X-ray System

X38 Specification Table

Casing Material

Stainless Steel
Connectivity External USB, Ethernet port
Max. operating pressure3 bar typical, 10 bar peak
Cooling methodIP69 Air Conditioner
Display  Full colour TFT 15inch touch screen
Flow rateUp to 14 tonnes per hour
Operation humidity 30-85%
Pipe diameter3” or 4” (75mm or 100mm) as standard
Pipe fittingsTypically tri-clamp or RJT
Power options 270W, 60kV, 4.5mA
Operating Temperature5-40°C
Traceability Full event log history
X-ray detector Highly stable USB detector with 0.8mm diode
X-ray emissions < 1microsievert per hour*
X-ray protectionInterlocked pipeline manifold
X38 X-ray Inspection System3261X38 X-ray Inspection System3262X38 X-ray Inspection System3263X38 X-ray Inspection System3264X38 X-ray Inspection System3265X38 X-ray Inspection System3266X38 X-ray Inspection System3267X38 X-ray Inspection System3268X38 X-ray Inspection System3269X38 X-ray Inspection System3270X38 X-ray Inspection System3271

X38 Features and Benefits

User Friendly Interface
The software is sophisticated, yet simple to use. It is icon driven and features touch and scroll.
Pipe X-ray Inspection
Available in two pipe sizes (3” and 4”). Alternative pipe sizes are available to suit individual applications.
Interfacing and Connectivity
Multiple interfacing and connectivity capabilities mean the X38 can integrate with both up and down stream production equipment to ensure optimum inspection.
Hygienic Design
Easy access to all machine areas with no hidden bug traps, ensuring maximum uptime. IP69 comes as standard for harsh washdown environments.
Reject Valves
A range of fully integrated high-speed reject valves are available, including a three-way ball valve. All valves can be synchronised to the pump, minimising rejected portions




Service Offerings

5 Year X-ray Generator Warranty
All METTLER TOLEDO X-Series x-ray system generators come with a five-year warranty when a service contract is purchased.

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X38 X-ray Inspection System
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