Standard Checkweighing Applications - C31 StandardLine
Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine

C31 StandardLine Checkweigher for Standard Applications

Checkweighing for standard dynamic weighing applications in food and industrial environments

Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine
Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine
Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine
Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine
Checkweigher for Standard Applications - C31 StandardLine

Products and Specs

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Products and Specs


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Checkweighing Guide

Guide to Checkweighing Technology for Food and Pharmaceutical Manufactures
The Checkweighing Guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use checkweighing technology as part of an effective quality assurance programme.


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In which production environments is the C31 StandardLine checkweigher able to function?

The C31 checkweigher was designed to function reliably in standard production environments. It features water protected conveyors for wet cleaning applications e.g. packed or open packages with low hygienic risks.  

What product types are supported by the C31 StandardLine checkweigher?

The C31 checkweigher is an ideal solution to replace sample spot checks and provides reliable 100% inline weight control for food and non-food applications such as closed cans, boxes, jars, trays, pouches, VFFS bags etc. This checkweigher is also built with hygienic principles in mind to facilitate proper cleaning with minimal downtime. Features include water-protected conveyors and sloped surfaces which promote self-drainage.

    How does the C31 handle unique production requirements?

    C31 checkweighers are configurable with 90 performance and productivity enhancing functions and options to ensure efficient product transfer and accurate weighing. Various conveyors and handling options are available to smoothly transport a wide variety of products. Guide rails also enhance overall efficiency by ensuring flawless transfers to and from the checkweigher. What's more, systems feature an intuitive multilingual touchscreen with more than 30 selectable languages

    What sets the C31 apart from the competition?

    Although the C31 StandardLine is a standard METTLER TOLEDO product, it nonetheless features advanced options that allow the system to be customized to fit your production line. Industry 4.0 functionality is also available for communication between production equipment.  More than ten data communication protocols including Ethernet, Fieldbus and OPC technologies to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools available. 

      Can the C31 be used as a critical control point (CCP)?

      The C31 StandardLine is compatible with a full range of Safeline metal detector heads, combining unrivaled metal detection capabilities with precision weighing.


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