M100 SM Oxygen for Optical Oxygen Integration in Bioreactors

M100 Sensor Mount Transmitter RS485

For Analog or Digital Biocontrollers

The M100 Sensor Mount (SM) is a single-channel transmitter. It allows the connection on biocontrollers of ISM sensors optical DO sensors. The M100 SM has a BT 4.0 interface which is compatible with the PC-based and mobile versions of iSense software.

Two independent interfaces are implemented: two configurable 4/20 mA analog outputs and one digital MODBUS RTU.

LEDs clearly indicate sensor status, alarms and warnings.

ISM’s Plug and Measure feature minimizes the risk of installation trouble and simplifies sensor handling.

M100 Sensor Mount Transmitter RS485
Specifications - M100 Sensor Mount Transmitter RS485
ISM features Plug and Measure, DLI, ACT, TTM
Enclosure IP 67
Mounting On head of RS 485 sensor: VP8
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Analog output Active 2 × 4 to 20 mA, galvanically isolated to passive DCS card
Communication Wireless: BT 4.0 iSense PC-based and iSense mobile (Android, iOS)Wired: Digital interface RS 485 MODBUS RTU
Sensor compatibility ISM RS485 optical DO sensors

Ordering information
DesignationOrder No.
M100 SM 1-wire 30 365 367

Features and Benefits

Simplified installation
The M100 SM is an easy to install, sensor mount transmitter for the analog or digital integration of ISM optical dissolved oxygen sensors into a biocontroller‘s programmable logic controller.

Predictive maintenance
iSense Mobile and Bluetooth communication provide access at any time to ISM‘s predictive maintenance diagnostics. Diagnostics and other sensor data can be sent as an email from a mobile device.

Error-free operation
Transmitter current outputs are configurable via PC or mobile device. Reconfiguring is not necessary after a sensor exchange, eliminating configuration errors.

Electronic data management
Configuration and calibration data are stored on the sensor. Wireless communication allows this information to be sent to iSense where it can be used for sensor management and compliance purposes.


Datasheets & Brochures

Datasheets for Sensor Mount Transmitter M100 SM
The M100 Sensor Mount (SM) is a single-channel transmitter. It allows the connection on biocontrollers of 1-wire ISM sensors for measuring pH, ampDO a...

Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manuals for Sensor Mount Transmitter M100 SM
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits ar...
Application Solutions for M100 Modbus Programmers Guide
This programmers guides explains general modbus informations, implemented modbus registers in M100, detailed description of the implemented Modbus re...

Bus Communication Info

M100 2XH DTM Setup V1.00.0003
HART, DTM for PACTware ™: Version 4.x


Webinar: Small Footprint Installation for Hazardous Areas
The continuous, real-time information that in situ analyzers provide has huge advantages over lab analyses of grab samples, and in the end leads to mu...


The world's first head mount analyzer transmitter
Watch the video to see how easy in-situ analysis becomes with the M100 head mount transmitter.
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M100 Sensor Mount Transmitter RS485
Hazardous Area
FM Approved


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M100 Sensor Mount Transmitter RS485
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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