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InFit®764 e (chemical, biotech, pharma and food and beverage processes)

For chemical, biotech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage processes.

The InFit®764 e are static housings for mounting liquid electrolyte pH-sensors. They cover a wide range of chemical, water and wastewater applications. Further they are suitable for use in a wide range of biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. Ideal positioning of the O-ring guarantees perfect sealing, permitting full CIP procedures to be performed without any compromise on sterility. The CIP version housings used in conjunction with our new safety weld-in sockets provide personnel, equipment and the environment with a high level of protection.

Specifications - InFit®764 e (chemical, biotech, pharma and food and beverage processes)
Process conditions Steel versions: 6 bar/130 °C (87 psi/266 °F); PVDF plastic version: 6 bar/20 °C (87 psi/68 °F), 3 bar/100 °C (43 psi/212 °F)
Wetted parts material DIN 1.4435, DIN 2.4602/Alloy C22, titanium, PVDF
O-ring material Silicone (MVQ)-FDA USP Class VI, Viton® (FKM)-FDA, EPDM-FDA, Kalrez® (FFKM)-FDA USP Class VI
Immersion length 70 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm
Adaption DN25 weld-in socket, DN25 safety weld-in socket
KALREZ and VITON are registered trademarks of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation
Features and Benefits
  • Hazardous areas approvals (ATEX and FM certificate)
  • Specially smooth surfaces to prevent the adherence of microorganisms.
  • Protective cage to protect the sensor against abrasive solids in the process medium.
  • The housing fulfills the requirements of 3-A Standards.


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InFit®764 e (chemical, biotech, pharma and food and beverage processes)
USP Class VI
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