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InPro 5000i CO2 Sensor for Bioreactors

In-Line CO2 Measurements for Cell Culture and Fermentation

The InPro 5000i is an online digital sensor for measuring carbon dioxide levels in biopharmaceutical cell culture and fermentation. The InPro 5000i helps you achieve accurate CO2 measurements and real-time process control to optimize bioreactor productivity and support process scale-up. In situ measurement of CO2 with the InPro 5000i allows immediate reaction to changes in CO2 concentration. InPro 5000i is autoclavable and steam sterilizable to meet pharmaceutical cleaning requirements.

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What is the InPro 5000i?

The InPro 5000i is an online, digital, biotechnology CO2 sensor which measures dissolved carbon dioxide levels in biopharmaceutical applications. These sensors deliver precise, real-time data that increases the understanding of critical fermentation and cell culture processes in order to maximize productivity and reduce service time. The information measured by the dissolved carbon dioxide sensor provides insights into the cellular metabolism and other changes within the bioreactor. InPro 5000i is also integrated with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) advanced predictive diagnostics and Plug and Measure technology.

How does the InPro 5000i work?

The METTLER TOLEDO InPro 5000i measures in-line and provides real-time CO2 measurements based on the technology of the Severinghaus principle. The sensing electrode is separated from the measurement medium by an electrolyte-filled chamber with a gas permeable membrane. Carbon dioxide diffuses through the membrane and into the inner electrolyte of the InPro 5000i carbon dioxide sensor, where it equilibrates with bicarbonate ions to alter the pH value. The relative change in pH value of the electrolyte is then measured by an internal pH electrode and correlated to the CO2 level in the medium.

What ISM features are available with the InPro 5000i?

The InPro 5000i digital CO2 sensor uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology. This provides many unique features, including pre-batch diagnostics for the best measurement performance, count of sensor exposure to autoclave cycles and full traceability for complete documentation. The Plug and Measure feature also supports seamless biotechnology CO2 sensor integration to your process.

What sensor lengths are available with the InPro 5000i?

The InPro 5000i CO2 sensor by METTLER TOLEDO has 120 mm, 220 mm, and 320 mm sensor lengths available with 12 mm sensor diameter.