Susceptometer unit - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Susceptometer unit

Determine Magnetic Characteristics.

Unrivaled Performance

The S-50K Susceptometer outperforms the OIML R111 requirements for mass calibration, and ensures accurate measurement.

Guided Workflow

The user-guided Susceptometer Software calculates the magnetic properties of weights under OIML R111.

Detailed Report

The well-structured report lists the final results, including all the data to be exported for further processing.

Specifications - Susceptometer unit
0.1 µg; 1 µg
OIML Class
E1; E2; F1; F2; M1; M2; M3
Electrical Range
6.1 g, 6.1 g or 0.8/3 g
External Adjustment
5 g; 2 g
Measuring Time
15 s
Material Number(s)


Weight Accessories

Material No.: 11116858


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Susceptometer unit
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