Buoyancy artefacts 2X1kg WD Cal - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Buoyancy artefacts 2X1kg WD Cal

Special Weights.Bouancy artefacts weight set in a wooden box including a calibration certificate

Vacuum Melted, Premium Stainless Steel

Vacuum melting of steel ensures best long term stability by reducing undesired trace elements. Weights satisfy highest demands of mass laboratories and professional calibration organizations.

Unique Weight Adjustment Procedure

Electrolytic adjustment is a unique technique developed by METTLER TOLEDO to achieve surface roughness that far exceeds the required specifications.

Weight Calibration Performed by Robots

Substantial investments in cutting-edge robot technology combined with decades of experience have opened up a new field in weight calibration.

Specifications - Buoyancy artefacts 2X1kg WD Cal
One-piece (monobloc)
Susceptibility X
E1 ≤ 0.0049
Density p
8000 (± 30) kg/m3
Calibration Certificate
Wooden box (included)
High-grade steel, vacuum melted
Nominal Value
1 kg
OIML Class
Material Number(s)



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Buoyancy artefacts 2X1kg WD Cal
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