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Automated Titration Stand

Rondolino is a carroussel-type titration stand for METTLER TOLEDO general titrators used to automize titrations. It can be loaded with up to 9 sample beakers and one conditioning beaker in a unique position.

Specifications - Rondolino
Short description Automated titration stand for METTLER TOLEDO general titrators
Material Number(s) 51108500
Features and Benefits

Plug it in and off you go The installation and operation of Rondolino could not be easier: simply connect it to the titrator and off you go. No need to configure anything, no complicated settings, no time-wasting. If you want to do more than just change samples, you can select one of 8 different conditioning and rinsing programs with a clearly marked rotating switch on the upper side of the instrument.
Automation with a small footprint Rondolino requires less space than the typical sample changer. An area of 25 cm by 25 cm is sufficient. Even so, it handles series of up to 9 samples. But even single samples are processed more rapidly because the beaker is returned to the rack and after the titration the electrodes are placed back carefully into the conditioning beaker. In addition, the reproducibility of the results is improved because the measurement process is repeated exactly each time.
Convenient way in electrode cleaning Rondolino cleans the electrode quickly and convenient by dipping into the conditioning beaker. The method is suitable for most applications with a minimal carry over.
Perfect rinsing even with difficult samples If Rondolino is used for sticky or viscous samples, the use of the optional PowerShower™ rinsing system is recommended (together with the membrane pump). This accessory has already proven to be a perfect electrode rinsing system in use with Rondolino’s big brother, the Rondo 60.



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