Probe,Raman, 9.5mm x 2m x 305mm,C22

Smart Choice for In-Situ Measurement.ReactRaman SmartConnect® Interchangeable Immersion Probe, 305 mm wetted length, 9.5 mm diameter. For use with EasyMax 102 and 402, OptiMax, RC1, and other reactors up to 1 L

Consistent, Accurate Results

SmartConnect® with enhanced laser safety eliminates sampling errors, ensures measurement consistency, and provides confidence in the collected data.

A Wide Range of Process Conditions

A chemically resistant alloy with a sapphire window provides robust probes for a wide range of chemistries and sampling methodologies.

Easy Laboratory Integration

Interchangeable immersion optics enable flexible laboratory setup. Select from immersion or non-contact probes to flow cells.

Material No.: 14004010

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Specifications - Probe,Raman, 9.5mm x 2m x 305mm,C22
Probe Wetted Material
C-22, Sapphire, Gold Seal
Probe Wetted Diameter
9.5mm [0.375 in]
Probe Wetted Length
305mm [12 in.]
Probe Temperature Range
-40°C to 300°C
Probe Pressure Rating
206 barg [3000 psi]
Probe Fiber Length
1.8m [6 ft]




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Probe,Raman, 9.5mm x 2m x 305mm,C22