System ReactIR 702L, TEMCT

Improve Reaction Understanding.

Turn On, Collect Data, Find Trends

New solid state detector technology with optimized optical interface for Comp probes. Best in class performance without the need for liquid nitrogen.

Small, Portable, Flexible

Small, light, stackable unit can be easily moved to any fume hood, glove box or to the lab next door for use anywhere, anytime.

Study all Reactions

Probe-based sampling technology for real-time reaction analysis. Study batch or flow reactions under any process conditions.

Material No.: 30456495

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Specifications - System ReactIR 702L, TEMCT
For Use In
Optical Range (Base Unit)
4000 - 800 cm-1
Purge Requirement
4 cm -1 maximum
Probe Optical Window
4000 - 650cm-1 (Micro Flow Cell)
4000 – 650 cm-1 (Sentinel)
2500 – 650 cm-1 maximum (Fiber Probe)
Probe Pressure (Maximum)
69bar (6.3 & 9.5mm Fiber Probe)
206bar (Sentinel)
35bar (Micro Flow Cell)
9.2 lb (4.2 kg)
Probe Temperature (Maximum)
180°C (Fiber Probe)
60°C (Micro Flow Cell)
300°C (Sentinel)
Wetted Materials
Diamond or Silicon
Alloy C-22
Gold or PTFE
Probe pH Range
1 – 9 (Silicon)
1 – 14 (Diamond)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
4 in x 8.1 in x 9.2 in (100 mm x 206 mm x 234 mm)
Laser Safety Certification
IEC 60825 (CE), 21 CFR 1040 (US)
Safety Certification
NRTL/C: UL 61010-1, CSA 22.2 No. 61010-1, EN 61326
CE: EN/IEC 61010-1:2012, IEC 61326

No More Liquid Nitrogen

Solid-state detector cooling technology delivers best-in-class performance without the need for liquid nitrogen. By eliminating hazardous experimental setup and repetitive Dewar refills, scientists can monitor chemistry with ease over extended periods.

One Click Analytics

iC IR combines a peak picking algorithm with functional group intelligence to drastically reduce analysis time. Users combine knowledge of their chemistry with an automated data analysis workflow to ensure correct interpretation for every experiment.

Enhance Serviceability

Modular service concept for increased uptime and reduced cost of ownership.



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System ReactIR 702L, TEMCT