METTLER TOLEDO Digital Load Cells

Over 20 years ago METTLER TOLEDO pioneered vehicle weighing with POWERCELL, the very first digital load cell for vehicle weighing applications. METTLER TOLEDO continues to be the leader in digital weighing technology. While other companies may offer digitized load cells the advanced weighing compensation and predictive diagnostic capabilities built into POWERCELL load cells provide superior accuracy and higher reliability.
digital load cellPOWERCELL PDX - digital load cell

POWERCELL PDX digital load cells represent the latest in vehicle weighing technology, providing unequalled accuracy and reliability along with predictive diagnostics.

METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL load cells are proven to perform with a successful history of nearly one million cells in service worldwide. They have stood up to the most extreme forces of nature in truck and rail scale applications. POWERCELL PDX load cells use predictive diagnostics to keep you continuously informed about your scale’s performance.  The load cells are designed to be used in virtually any environment to provide you with unmatched performance and industry leading total cost of ownership.

If uptime is important to your business…
If you cannot afford to give away product for free…
If scale maintenance costs are hurting your profits…
...the POWERCELL PDX load cell system will save you money!
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