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Global Services for Uptime,

Performance, Compliance & Expertise

Day-to-day laboratory and production processes are highly repetitive yet innovative, characterized by very complex applications and the need for guaranteed data quality and strict control of process risks. It is a world very sensitive to the total cost per data point, demanding the utmost precision and accuracy while constantly complying with legal and industrial regulations and norms.

Easy access to support knowhow and regular equipment checks according to standard procedures ensure maximum uptime at minimal cost.

Your equipment is often subject to tough environments and heavy use in critical processes, requiring every minute of uptime, guarding against equipment breakdown, parts failure and wear and tear.

Professional installation and setup of your equipment along with the use of thoroughly tested applications guarantee high performance from day one.

Regular preventative maintenance according to manufacturers’ procedures ensures efficient and consistent performance throughout the life of your equipment, preventing out-of-spec results at all times.

Full compliance with your industry's regulatory norms is a must all over the world. This ensures good audit results and provides you with peace of mind.

Take advantage of our comprehensive equipment qualification and calibration packages combining standard DQ/IQ/OQ documentation with recommendations for maintenance and routine testing specific to your application.

Your expertise paired with the know-how of our Service Team are key to maximum uptime, optimum performance and 100% compliance.

Benefit from our large portfolio of premium applications, scientific publications, SOPs and technical documentation. In our tailored trainings and seminars, your personnel acquire the know-how and skills to run your business with maximum efficiency.

With our market organizations operating in most industrialized countries as well as selected partners in other regions, we are ready to serve you well around the globe. In total, our products and services are available in more than 100 countries.

Our geographically focused market organizations are responsible for all aspects of sales, service and support.

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