White Paper

Strategies To Control Crystal Size Distribution

White Paper

Advanced Techniques To Optimize Crystal Size Distribution During Process Development and Manufacturing

Crystal Size Distribution Strategies
Crystal Size Distribution Strategies

Many products in the pharmaceutical and high value chemical industries go through multiple crystallization steps during their development and manufacture. Crystallization is a useful operation that can purify and isolate product at the same time.  Crystallization also provides the opportunity to control the particle size and shape distribution of the product, which directly impacts the product performance and downstream process efficiency. During the development of a new crystallization step, or as part of an existing process improvement strategy, it is possible to implement proven techniques that will facilitate the control of crystal size and shape distribution in a manufacturing environment.

In this white paper, advanced techniques to optimize crystal size distribution will be introduced, including:

  • How to Control Supersaturation
  • Choosing the Correct Process Parameters
  • Using Seeding to Control Crystal Size
  • The Impact of Mixing on Crystal Size
  • After the Crystallization: Methods to Control Crystal Size

Focus is given to the use of in-process measurements to make evidence-based decisions that ensure a high quality product is delivered consistently at the lowest possible total cost.