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Free Brochure: Industrial Automation Components and Sensors


Are high profitability, cost management, quality and reduced waste key themes for your customers?

If you are supplying machines, production lines or systems, the answer is likely yes. Our brochures on industrial automation will help you discover the most advanced industrial automation components and sensors for continuous, batch and discrete processes.

Components for Automation
Industrial automation components are important to manufacturers who develop machines and production lines/systems. Our brochure – industrial automation describes solutions for:

Material Receiving

New, specially-designed or existing scales can be upgraded and easily connected to components for automation to make sure that you receive the exact amount of raw material required.


Do you have enough material to start the next batch? Should you order today or tomorrow? Answer these questions by connecting METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules to your industrial automation infrastructure.


Reliable monitoring and control instruments support the pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical, and semiconductor industries. Real-time analysis promotes consistency and productivity, minimizing out-of-spec production for your clients.

Profitable Filling

Our products give you precise control of your filling processes to ensure that you package the right amount of product to keep your bottom line intact. Fill the smallest to the largest possible containers.

In-Plant Transport

Sensors designed to be easily integrated into your industrial transportation and packaging systems including weighing, vision and metal detection components.

Packaging and Shipping

Many packaging and labeling systems include load cells or scales for accurate shipping weights. METTLER TOLEDO dimensioning systems ensure your systems deliver accurate measurements for transport.



Brochures: Industrial automation


The brochure details our highly accurate sensors you can integrate into your machines or production lines. The target audience is machine builders, systems integrators and end users who connect sensors to industrial automation systems.

The brochure includes information on process flow, connectivity types, shipping/receiving components, inventory control, work-in-progress, production improvement, and semiconductor production.

Our free components for automation brochure details a selection of accurate sensors for machine builders who require advanced industrial automation components for continuous, batch and discrete processes.


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