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On Demand Webinar

What's the matter with Sample Prep?

On Demand Webinar

Novel approaches and solutions

More than 99.9% of prepared solutions in an analytical laboratory are disposed of without ever being used. Find out from Dr Roy Helmy (Merck & Co., Inc.) and Dr Joanne Ratcliff (Mettler Toledo AG) how you can minimize sample/solvent consumption whilst maintaining compliance, without compromising the quality of your result

An extensive amount of waste is generated by sample preparation methods in analytical laboratories, and as the pharmaceutical market becomes more environmentally cognizant, how can this be justified? Typically more than 99.9% of prepared solutions are disposed of without being used. Manual preparation of samples and standards for analytical methods, such as chromatography, reportedly accounts for up to 82% of solvent usage, 61% of labour time, and 49% of the out-of-specification errors reported.  Reducing the quantities prepared has a significant impact on the amount of solvent and substance consumed, as well as the cost of an analytical workflow. In this webinar, industry experts will describe novel solutions such as gravimetric sample preparation, which also has a positive impact on the quality of results and introduce metrics to measure an analytical method’s environmental impact (AMVI). Regulatory compliance with regard to GLP/GMP and US Pharmacopeia standards will also be addressed.

Who Should Attend (Target Audience):

  • QC Managers, QA Managers, Quality Consultants
  • Compliance Managers, Laboratory Managers, Production Managers
  • GMP and CMC Consultants, Global Metrology Managers
  • Methods Development and Analytical R&D Scientists, Managers, Directors and Department Heads
  • Validations and Regulatory Scientists; Ref Standard Managers; Methods, Product or Technology Transfer Managers

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover how you can minimize sample preparation volumes to avoid throwing away more than 99% of your prepared solutions
  2. Realize that sample preparation is a major contributor to sample and solvent waste and can account for up to 80% of solvent usage (UHPLC method)
  3. Understand the accuracy and limitations of your balance and volumetric glassware and introduce new methods to allow you to reduce sample/solvent consumption by 75%


Dr Roy Helmy, Global Lead for Analytical Chemistry, Merck & Co., Inc.
Dr Joanne Ratcliff, Product Manager, Quantos Dosing Solutions, Mettler Toledo AG

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