pH Calibration and Measurement Using an Automated System

On Demand Webinar on How to Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Lab

pH automation is gaining importance in various processes due to its ability to analyze a variety of samples efficiently and its ability to adjust to different workflows.

Testing the pH of samples in a QC laboratory is a simple yet laborious process. Multiple steps involved like sensor cleaning, sensor calibration, and sample measurement provide ample scope to introduce operational errors. The change in operator skills also can have a considerable difference in the quality of results. Using pH automation can improve the productivity of the lab and also reduce the error potential.

Our webinar aims to provide a glimpse into the world of pH automation by showing different options available to automate pH measurements. The one-hour session will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of automated pH calibration and measurement
  • The setup and accessories required for automating pH measurements
  • Good measuring practices in automation

The webinar comprises of an interactive presentation with a demo and polls to make the topics more engaging and easier to understand.