Continuous Crystallization of Paracetamol Using NiTech COBC

Scale-up from Batch to Continuous Crystallization with In-Process Monitoring

Program Overview

  • Demonstrating the capability of continuous processing for crystallization
  • Driving the culture to adapt to new instruments and tools

For many applications, particle size control during a crystallization process is key to a product’s quality and processability. This particle size control can be challenging to scale-up due to changing reactor geometry and mixing when increasing reactor size. One option to facilitate scale-up is to develop a continuous crystallization process where scale-up can be achieved by running a process for an extended period, alongside many other process intensification benefits.

While many technologies for continuous crystallization exist, the NiTech continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer (COBC) is a tubular crystallizer/reactor which offers close to plug flow conditions and therefore close control of temperature and mixing. The COBC was demonstrated at Nalas for the continuous crystallization of paracetamol (acetaminophen) with controlled crystal growth via a seeded crystallization process and monitored in-situ using ParticleTrack™ with FBRM® and EasyViewer particle size analyzers

In this presentation, Nalas Engineering and NiTech will cover the COBC operation, scale-up from batch to continuous, and show representative data for the continuous crystallization of paracetamol.

About the Presenters

daniel ward nalas

Daniel Ward

Senior Research Chemist II, Nalas Engineering Services

Daniel has been with Nalas Engineering for 5 years, working in areas such as process development, scale-up, and crystallization. He previously received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where he specialized in crystallization and polymorphism of energetic materials.

will davies nitech solutions

Will Davies

CEO, NiTech Solutions

Will has 30 years’ experience in the international chemical and oil & gas industries, where he has held a variety of executive roles, focusing on the development and commercialisation of new technologies within large organisations and start-ups. Will has a degree in industrial chemistry, a PhD in polymer physics and MBA from University of Edinburgh Business School.