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Effective Data Management for Smooth Operations

In a fast-paced environment, efficiency is a cardinal rule. Use versatile OCTO DataCaptureTM software to ensure quick and easy transfer of data for high productivity, smooth operations and revenue recovery.

OCTO DataCaptureTM
OCTO DataCaptureTM

Effective data management is vital to achieving high productivity and logistics efficiency. OCTO DataCaptureTM is the data management software that merges information from different devices — dimensioner, scale, barcode reader and camera — and sends it to the host.

Easily customizable and highly configurable, OCTO DataCaptureTM can be modified to meet individual data capture needs. OCTO is the platform from which new applications can be developed to meet changing operational requirements.

Health monitoring software provides you with full visibility into the performance of all components of your system, ensuring smooth and cost-effective operations. If something goes wrong with a scale, dimensioner or barcode reader, the system creates an on-screen warning, allowing the operator to take action so operations continue to run smoothly. Data is stored and easily recalled from a legal-for-trade alibi database and provides measurement statistics to help with planning, trend analysis and customer communication.

With its standard software platform, OCTO DataCaptureTM can be used for both static and dynamic applications, and configured to improve productivity and logistics efficiency. 

Find out how you can improve your operations with METTLER TOLEDO data management solutions.

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