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Versatile Weigh Modules Offer More Innovation Time

Machine and instrument manufacturers want to focus engineering efforts on developing core technologies and not on implementing purchased components. A weigh module complies with such needs by offering versatile mechanical, electrical and software features for easy integration. A video shows how weigh modules simplify installation and engineering.

The WMS weigh modules are easy to install. This product family offers capacities ranging from 120 to 6,200 grams and resolutions between 0.1 milligrams and 0.01 grams. The most highly performing model has a repeatable readability of 1 milligram over the entire weighing range of 1,200 grams. This allows weighing of small and large items and enables permanent installation of adapters on top of the weighing platform.

Flexible mechanical concept

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules’ slim and compact design facilitates installation in tight spaces. A patented snap closure locks the weighing platform to the module. This allows for fast replacement when changing formats and fast removal for cleaning. The weigh module is available with or without built-in calibration weight. With this calibration device, accuracy can be checked and adjusted automatically or on demand without the need for removal of customized adapters.

Simple connectivity to control systems

It's easy to set up communication between WMS weigh modules and industrial computers or PLC systems. Thanks to program function blocks for PLC or automatic parameter recognition, it takes little effort to set up communication via standardized interfaces such as RS232/422, Profibus DP®, Profinet®, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™ and CC-Link.

The WMS Weigh Module is flexible and facilitates modularization. It is the best fit for machine and instrument builders who want customized solutions with the least effort required.