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    bRite Line of Basic Scales

    The bRite line of scales is a stylish, portable retail scale suited to a range of retail environments such as open markets, (seasonal) mobile business or smaller specialty shops. Its robust yet lightweight construction, including a high quality stainless steel plate, make it perfect for these kinds of environment where food hygiene, portability and sturdiness are prerequisites.

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    Gross Weight / Net Weight
    PLU Quantity
    Gross Weight / Net WeightGross weight: 6.1kg / Net weight: 4.2kg
    PLU Quantity50
    Gross Weight / Net WeightTower version: Gross weight: 5.54 kg/ Net weight: 3.73 kg, Compact/Weigh Only version: Gross weight: 5.23 kg/ Netweight: 3.42 kg
    PLU Quantity100
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