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Positive-Displacement Pipette MR-10

Positive Displacement Pipetting.Pos-D™ positive-displacement pipette, 0.5 -10 μL, for dense, viscous or volatile liquids. Uses Rainin capillary-pistons #17008604 (MR-10)

Problem Liquids? No Problem

Pos-D is designed and especially suited for non-aqueous liquids: dense, viscous, high vapor pressures, etc.


With its natural feel and ergonomic finger-hook, the Pos-D fits comfortably in your hand. And the display is always visible.

No Cross-Contamination

Disposable capillaries/pistons, with direct contact between sample and piston, means no aerosols and no cross-contamination.

Ergonomic Positive Displacement Pipette

Problem-free pipetting of problem Liquids: The Pos-D is specially suited for liquids with high densities, viscosities or vapor pressures. Given the disposable capillaries and pistons, positive displacement absolutely eliminates cross-contamination from aerosols, samples or pipette.
A disposable piston, which moves within a plastic capillary, makes direct contact with the liquid.
The positive wiping action of the piston against the capillary wall assures complete dispensing without droplets.

The pre-assembled capillary tips are easy to use and
also fit Gilson Microman®.

Specifikationer - Positive-Displacement Pipette MR-10
Volume Range
0,5 µL – 10 µL
Increment (manual)
0,02 µL
Accuracy ±
1 µL : 9 % / 0,09 µL ; 5 µL : 2 % / 0,1 µL ; 10 µL : 1,5 % / 0,15 µL
Precision ±
1 µL : 3 % / 0,03 µL ; 5 µL : 0,6 % / 0,03 µL ; 10 µL : 0,6 % / 0,06 µL
Tip Technology
Capillaries with Pistons



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Positive-Displacement Pipette MR-10
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