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InPro 6960i optisk syresensor

High operational availability, top performance and easy maintenance

InPro6960i designed for brewery application offers high operational availability, top performance and easy maintenance for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in wort aeration in breweries. The optical oxygen sensors are easy and fast to maintain, leading to enhanced process safety and low cost of ownership. The easy air calibration together with the long term stability reduces the maintenance effort to a minimum.

Specifikationer - InPro 6960i optisk syresensor
Segment / Applikation Sterila/hygieniska processer i luftningsprocesser
Noggrannhet +/-1 % + 8 ppb
Material i kontakt med medium stainless steel (AISI316L) with 3.1B certificates
Resistens mekaniskt tryck max. 12 bar (174 psi) absolute
Measurement range 8 ppb till 25 ppm
Connector 5 Pin
Steriliserbar yes
ISM yes
Instickslängd for 12 mm: 120, 220, 320 mm
Beskrivning Digitalt gränssnitt med ISM
Mätningsparametrar Oxygen
Measurement Technology Optical fluorescence quenching
Sensorlängd Various
Anti-Bubble Design No
Features and Benefits

Easy operation

  • The InPro6960i® with plug and measure and fastest Opto-Cap replacement sets a new standard in ease of use in DO measurement in breweries.

High process safety

  • FDA compliant materials of construction and easy-to-clean high-polished surface (N5 grade) to satisfy increasing regulatory requirements.

Maintenance redefined with ISM

Enhanced process control

  • Highest measurement performance in filler lines.



Application Note: Brewery - Optical Oxygen System
The unique combination of the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology with the optical technology opens a new level of operational safety and...

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InPro 6960i optisk syresensor
USP Class VI


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InPro 6960i optisk syresensor
USP Class VI
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