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EasyPlus Titrator Easy pH

The Acid/Base Titrator.Everything you need for automated acid/base titrations. Determine acidity in juices, milk, and wine, p-and m-values in water, and much more.

Simple & Affordable

Swiss engineering, and the highest quality parts and materials, make this compact and accurate titrator a perfect addition to any quality laboratory.

Quick and Easy Titration

The iTitrate™ built-in intelligence requires only a few parameters to be set before the instrument is ready for Acid/Base titration.

Intuitive iTitrate™ User Interface

Operation is simple and intuitive with the app-based user interface. Save training time and make daily tasks more efficient.

Specifikationer - EasyPlus Titrator Easy pH
Application Type
EasyPlus burette 20mL (included)
If…Then Conditions
Number of Titration Methods
EasyDirect™ Titration PC Software; USB-P25 printer; EasyPump; Temperature sensor
Parallel Titration
PC Software (Optional)
EG11-BNC sensor pH aqueous (included)
Supported Stirrer Motors
EasyStir GT (included)
User Interface
User Rights and Management

Easy Programming

Set just the minimum parameters, and the titrator will program the rest, including accurate calculations based on your selected measurement units.

Truly Global

The instrument speaks your language, and 14 others. Learning and using a new analytical instrument has never been so easy


Material No.: 23774

Material No.: 30060024

Material No.: 30060023

Material No.: 30043900

Material No.: 30043901

Material No.: 30043902

Material No.: 30057633

Material No.: 30044701

Material No.: 30065467

Material No.: 30041102

Material No.: 30065464

Material No.: 30042860

Material No.: 30064218

Material No.: 23787

Material No.: 30065449

Material No.: 30043103

Material No.: 30043104

Material No.: 23240


EasyPlus™ Accessories

EasyPlus™ Sensors

Material No.: 30043103

Material No.: 30043104

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EasyPlus Titrator Easy pH
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