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Liquid Handler

Versatile & reliable

Controlled by the titrator, the robust Liquid Handler automatically doses and pipettes samples with the highest degree of accuracy. This enables the most demanding of automation processes to be implemented reliably.

Liquid Handler
Liquid Handler
Specifikationer - Liquid Handler
Materialnummer 51371500
Automatic dosing

  • Performance 
  • Robust flexibility

Precise dosing of up to four liquids from 50 μL to 15 L is where the strength of the powerful Liquid Handler lies. This enables automated preparation of individual samples or large sample series in continuous 24/7 operation. Thanks to its mechanically robust design and the use of chemically resistant materials, reliable results are guaranteed even when the Liquid Handler is used intensively throughout its entire, long life cycle.

  Automatic dosing
Automatic pipetting

  • Simple programming 
  • Precise pipetting

The production of solutions of varying concentrations by means of a dilution series from a standard solution, which, for example, is used for calibrating ion-selective sensors, involves time-consuming pipetting processes that are prone to error. These processes can be reliably automated with the Liquid Handler.

  Automatic pipetting
Liquid Handler and LabX® SmartCodes™

  • Full control 
  • Flawless efficiency

SmartCodes™ ensure that different samples are always analyzed using the appropriate method. The titration is initiated without using the PC or Excellence Touchscreen. Using the Liquid Handler and Excellence Titrator, the most diverse range of titrations and measurements can be performed in a fully automated manner with a greater degree of simplicity and reliability.




Analytical Chemistry UserCom 14
Automatic determination of alpha acids in hop extracts using conductometric titration. Bromine number and bromine index of petroleum products. Assig...

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Liquid Handler
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